Tik Talk, Ep. 3: Communication and Public Relations, the Allies of ICTs

Tik Talk, Ep. 3: Communication and Public Relations, the Allies of ICTs

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) continue to evolve. And more and more companies are implementing ICT innovations to reduce costs while boosting the growth and efficiency of their operations. Against this backdrop, communications and public relations agencies have been key players. 

To understand why, it is enough to analyze the large number of communications strategies drawn up to promote ICTs, their characteristics, and their applications in various markets. In recent years, and for reasons already known, the interest in ICTs as key allies on the companies’ road to success has intensified, as it has become imperative to adopt new and better tools capable of meeting the demands of an increasingly digitized market.

At MileniumGroup, a leading PR and communications agency in Latin America, we worked with Cisco, a global firm in charge of providing innovative network solutions defined by software, security, and cloud that aid businesses in their transformation. After designing and executing a communications strategy tailored to their specific needs, we achieved exceptional results.

In this third episode of Tik Talk, Carla Conde spoke with Militza González, Head of Communications for Cisco in LATAM, to address the outcomes of this powerful colaboration. We invite you to listen to the full interview on the streaming platform of your choice.

PR and Communications Strategy in Favor of ICTs

The innovation and adoption of ICTs is advancing at an accelerating pace, driving the evolution of humanity. Currently, around 4.95 billion people in the world are connected to the Internet, equivalent to 62.5% of the world’s population, with an average browsing time of almost 7 hours a day, according to the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, by Hootsuite and We Are Social.

Latin America still faces significant connectivity challenges. However, the region has progressed in recent years. Albeit less than 50% of its population have a connection to the network through fixed broadband, and only 9.9% have a high-quality fiber connection in their homes, 87% live within the coverage area of the 4G signal, whose penetration reaches 37%.

The pandemic, which represented a 7.5% drop in GDP in the region and a decrease in hours worked (equivalent to the loss of 36 million jobs), also meant an opportunity for growth and modernization for various sectors, such as technology, moved by the strength that innovation and digital transformation have been gained in various industries.

Therefore, PR and communication strategies were more than useful tools to inform public opinion, and mainly the decision makers of companies in all industries, of the advantages of including ICTs in their daily operations as a disruptive resource in the face of new market demands.

At MileniumGroup we understand that the technology market requires precise messages to highlight its products and services, which are constantly evolving. Therefore, the support of a specialized agency like ours is essential.

Thus, with Cisco, we managed to increase its positioning in Latin America as the leading developer of ICTs.

If you want to learn more about how MileniumGroup can design a PR and communications strategy tailor-made by a team of professionals, reach out to us.

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