Tik Talk, Ep. 2: Devouring the Vegan Market

Tik Talk, Ep. 2: Devouring the Vegan Market

Latin America is one of the top food-producing and exporting regions worldwide. It has an enormous natural wealth, a flourishing agricultural industry, and a vast trajectory in family farming that has been crucial to meet the food requirements of its population. And in such a context, markets have expanded and diversified, while communication and Public Relations agencies have gained an increasingly relevant role.

The plant-based food industry, which targets the vegetarian, flexitarian, or vegan segment of the population, has become stronger in this region, with a growing demand and an increasing supply by brands that have added these products to their portfolio, and others that target this segment exclusively. And it is precisely because of the growing competition that more and more companies are resorting to communication strategies to stand out and devour this market.

Violife is one of them. Over three decades and with a global presence supported by Upfield, it has grown to become one of the largest plant-based cheese companies. To increase brand awareness and maintain its reputation, the firm turned to MileniumGroup to develop an expert marketing communication strategy for the Latin American market.

To find out the results of this strategy, Carla Conde spoke with Estela Díaz, Marketing Innovation Chief for Upfield in SOLA, in this second episode of Tik Talk. We invite you to listen to the full interview on the streaming platform of your choice.

A Communication Strategy for the Vegan Market

Health care, climate change, and animal welfare are some reasons why dietary changes are a priority for a vast part of the population. For instance, plant-based products produce between 50% and 90% fewer CO2 emissions than other types of products, according to studies such as Quanti’s Sensory Value Test and ProVeg’s research Beyond Meat.

Globally, this industry is worth 14 billion dollars and is estimated to reach 1.4 trillion by 2050, according to Research Markets. In Latin America, the picture is no different: According to Nielsen, after the pandemic, 40% of Latin American households began to consume healthier food alternatives, and 58% are willing to pay more for organic products.

Thus, in Latin America, as in other parts of the world, vegetarian, vegan, and even flexitarian diets respond not only to changes in the consumption habits of citizens but also to environmental and climatic needs that have become increasingly urgent. And when the goal is to break into a market with such potential, the challenge is to conquer new audiences and captivate those who are not yet quite sure, for which communication and public relations agencies become critical allies that can make a difference.

In this scenario, at MileniumGroup we understood that for companies like Violife, an expert marketing communication strategy was crucial, not only for positioning the brand in public opinion but also for making a greater impact based on memorable experiences, capable of convincing an indecisive audience, for which we prepared a blind test that would allow them to taste and judge their products, beyond the biases that this type of products often raise.

If your brand needs a powerful communication strategy, tailor-made for your brand by a team of exceptional professionals, designed to truly impact your audiences, reach out to us.

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