Logitech campaign awarded for effectiveness at the SIAwards

There’s no better way to start this year than with a piece of high-caliber news: our Logitech campaign #IWriteMyOwnStory was awarded as the Best of Category at the 2022 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, an international festival located in Portland, United States, which year after year rewards the best in creativity, media, and effectiveness.

After a huge success at the FePi Awards, where it got the Cobre mention in the Digital and Influencer Marketing categories, this campaign now gives us a second joy by winning the highest prize at the most prestigious effectiveness awards in the industry, the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA), run by the Summit International Awards (SIA).

We are more than proud to earn this recognition from such a prestigious organization and are forever grateful to our clients for trusting us on the hard path of achieving meaningful and measurable success for their brands.

This is not only our first time being awarded for effectiveness, but also a prideful milestone in our history: proof that we have risen above traditional communication practices, that we know how to move audiences and exceed our clients’ expectations, and that we surely are experts in Influencer Marketing, and that we do much more than PR.

Metrics don’t lie: these were the outcomes of our campaign

This, one of our greatest success stories, started as a Logitech initiative to give a loud shout-out to those tenacious women who make their way in the gamer universe, willing to inspire and empower other women to follow their dreams, much in spite of the abysmal gender gap that persists in these scenarios.

The campaign brought together 29 gamer influencers from Colombia and Ecuador to inspire Logitech followers not to give up on their projects no matter how hard they seem.  So we sent them a special kit that included several branded products and an invitation to send us a video message telling their own inspiring story.

They were so thrilled with the idea that they all replied to our invitation with amazing videos. But, actually, we got much more than we expected: 27 stories on their personal accounts and 5 feed posts, all out of authentic interest in the campaign.

With all of this, we created and posted 4 video pieces on the company’s media throughout March. The results? Impressive!: 900,000+ users reached, 78,000+ interactions, 17.5% average engagement, 25% increase in interactions compared to the previous quarter, U$37,000 earned media (with an investment of U$2,241), and an 8-point growth in the brand’s female audience (from 36% to 44%).

By all means, this was a success. Metrics don’t lie and neither does the enthusiasm of the powerful women who participated.

About the Summit International Awards

Summit International Awards (SIA) is a US organization that has been assessing and saluting creative and communication excellence in the global marketing and advertising industry for 29 years.

It holds three annual competitions that acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional in the communications industry, including the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA), of which we are now proud winners.

Unlike creative contests, these awards do not address wit nor innovation, but rather the outcomes of communication strategies. They are a praise to the agencies’ ability to effectively achieve a brand’s goals and exceptionally impact their audience’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs. So winning the SIAwards Effectiveness Award is for us a tribute to our persuasive prowess and expert skills in all nuances of communication.