Types of influencers and how to choose the best for your strategy

Today, influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for brands, as it allows them to reach new audiences in an authentic and relevant way, through a genuine connection that influencers have built with their community. This is an excellent way to increase visibility, enhance reputation and obtain audience responses favorable to your business objectives. 

However, for an influencer marketing strategy to be effective, you need to have certain skills, especially when it comes to choosing the right influencer for each brand and campaign. In this article we present a small review of the types of influencers that exist and how to choose the best one for your influencer marketing strategy: 

Types of influencers:

By niche or market: 

When we talk about niches, we are referring to those micro-universes where very particular communities gather according to similar interests and consumption habits. 

  • Fashion bloggers: fashion, styling, makeup. 
  • Foodies: gastronomy, recipes and experiences. 
  • Tourism: travelers and vloggers. 
  • Gamers: video games across the spectrum. 
  • Technology and trends. 
  • Celebrities and artists.
  • Fitness and healthy living.

By size:

This refers to the volume of followers, on which the reach of a particular profile depends.  

  • Micro: they have between 5,000 and 25,000 followers and an engagement of 4%.
  • Small influencer: between 25,000 and 100,000, with engagement of 2.4%.
  • Large: between 250,000 and 1 million followers and an engagement of 1.8%.
  • Macroinfluencer: has between 1 and 7 million followers and 1.6% engagement.
  • Celebrity: more than 7 million followers and again 1.6%. engagement.

By profile:

According to their personal and professional profile, positioning, experience and skills. 

  • Celebrities: celebrities or public figures who use their visibility to build networks of followers.
  • Experts: these are people with detailed knowledge of a specific area.
  • Exploiters: they are in charge of finding trends and testing them in order to share their opinion as early as possible.
  • Consumers: users who have consumed a product or service and freely share their opinion through social networks.

By relationships:

According to the type of collaboration they are willing to establish with brands.

  • Short-term: by campaign or initiative, based on exchange for products, kits, experiences or events. 
  • Long-term: brand ambassadors, mainly. These are, basically, true fans and followers of the brands that consolidate a lasting community. This is our favorite. 

How to choose the right influencer

In the market, the selection of influencers is based on certain performance indicators. In fact, there are platforms dedicated to scoring profiles according to volume, engagement, visibility, etc. However, for us this is not enough, as no data analysis tool has yet managed to completely replace the good eye of a strategist. 

We are convinced, and we have proven it, that to choose the right influencer for you is necessary to estimate the level of affinity with your brand, its values and messages . Of course, also the strength of their profile, but this does not always depend on the number of followers or engagement rate, but on their effectiveness in generating conversation. 

At MileniumGroup we recommend the qualitative evaluation and selection of the profiles you are going to work with, which is as important as the quantitative analysis of their profiles (or even more). Choosing by affinity with the brand is the most important criterion for the success of any influencer marketing campaign. For that we have developed a method called 5 Stars Influencers Program, which is based on three categories: reach, relevance and engagement. 

In any case, the most important thing is that you bet on creating with influencers a community based on a genuine interest and affinity with your brand, because this guarantees better results and long-term benefits, for both parties. 

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