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Today, it’s all about reaching your audience. There are many different ways to do so. Overall, communications professionals execute paid, earned and owned media strategies. Even though they are different, its goal is always the same: to create awareness about your specific product or service and engage potential customers with your brand.

How are these strategies different? Well, paid media consists of advertising and sponsorships; you pay for this type of media. In contrast, earned media consists of public relations strategies and word-of-mouth marketing; you attract the attention of your target audience. Lastly, owned media is media that is completely owned by your business. It can be found in the form of pillar pages, blog posts, white papers, newsletters and so on.

Owned media is a great way to take control of your message. You get to deliver your content directly to your audience while having full, unrestricted use of your data. However, surprisingly enough, owned media is still unexplored territory for many businesses.fc

Mark Bonchek, founder and CEO of Shift Thinking, stated that even though paid and earned media get the most attention, “the new battleground is going to be owned media. If you want to get ahead, and stay ahead, you need to rethink your owned media strategy.”

A well-balanced mix of paid, earned and owned media strategies is key to achieving digital marketing success. By ignoring owned media strategies, you are stopping yourself from effectively communicating with your audience and creating value for potential customers.

In MileniumGroup, we make sure that your owned media strategy supports your overall marketing and advertising efforts. How do we do that? By creating a MediaHub for your business and giving you complete control over your content; strengthening your SEO strategy and creating direct relationships with your audience.

Content is one of the most important assets in the communications strategy and marketing development of any business. If you want to learn more about how MileniumGroup can help you grow your business, contact us.

About MileniumGroup:

MileniumGroup is a boutique communications, marketing and public relations agency based in Miami, Florida. With over 100 consultants, service in 10 countries in Latin America and clients such as Logitech, Discovery, Amazon Web Services, Takeda, General Motors, Cornershop by Uber and many others; the firm is focused in simplifying the journey of US based clients that aim to grow their business in LATAM.



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